ScopeSpine is an online platform for endoscopic spine surgery, the latest development in minimally invasive spinal surgery. 


This site reviews the procedure and describes how it differs from other minimally invasive spinal treatments.

There are several reported minimally invasive spinal procedures: laser spine surgery, ultrasonic spine surgery, and endoscopic spine surgery.  All of these sound similar.

What is the difference? 


Do these terms refer to tools/instruments?


Do these procedures use the same approach?


Which procedure uses the smallest incision?

Which procedure causes the least muscle damage? 


We help answer these questions.

Dr. Usman Zahir is a leading expert and instructor of endoscopic spine surgery - serving Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC. His practice is one of the few reference centers for endoscopic spine surgery in the United States: https://www.joimax.com/us/professionals/reference-centers/

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