ScopeSpine is a specialty clinic dedicated to the advancement of minimally invasive and endoscopic spinal surgery.  


This site follows the work of Dr. Usman Zahir, an endoscopic spine specialist who was the first surgeon in Virginia to introduce the latest advances in endoscopics to the state. He later performed Virginia's first endoscopic laminectomy. He continues to help patients preserve their normal spinal motion. 

Dr. Zahir takes pride in helping many patients avoid unnecessary spinal fusion surgeries. In addition to surgical services, his practice provides non-surgical neck and back care. His specialty clinic has  helped provide second opinions and treatments for patients nationwide. Convenient office locations, Virginia: Dulles, Leesburg/Lansdowne. Maryland: Potomac.

This site reviews how endoscopics differs from other spinal surgeries. There are several reported minimally invasive treatments: laser spine surgery, ultrasonic spine surgery, and endoscopic spine surgery.  The procedures may sound similar, but they are different.

What is the difference between these procedures? 


Do these terms refer to tools/instruments?


Do these procedures use the same approach?


Which procedure uses the smallest incision?

Which procedure causes the least muscle damage? 

Is endoscopics an option for every patient with spinal pain?


We help answer these questions.

ScopeSpine is one of the few reference centers for endoscopic spine surgery in North America.



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