Minimally Invasive & Endoscopic Spine Surgery   

Precise. Small Incisions. Less Pain  




Minimally Invasive

The procedure uses a camera attached to a slender tube called an endoscope. Minimal damage to muscle and tissues. 

Small Incisions

Uses a smaller incision than "laser" or "ultrasonic" spinal surgeries. Incision is less than 1cm, smaller than a dime.  


Used for treating herniated discs and spinal stenosis. This is an option for patients suffering from back and leg pain.  

1 cm or less


This video highlights the basic steps:


  • Surgeon targets the disc.

  • Muscles are dilated instead of being cut.

  • The endoscope is inserted

  • The surgery is performed on a video screen

  • Through the endoscope, the surgeon can pass instruments to remove disc herniations or bone spurs.


Patients go home shortly after the operation.


Patients receive a print out of their surgical images


Dr. Usman Zahir - Endoscopic Spine Specialist

Dr. Usman Zahir is a board certified orthopaedic spine surgeon proudly serving the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. As a leading endoscopic spine specialist, he is one of the few surgeons in the region performing the procedure. Dr. Zahir is trained on three separate endoscopic platforms. As an instructor, he continues to teach and train other surgeons from around the country on endoscopic spine surgery.  His practice is one of the few reference centers for endoscopic spine surgery in the United States.

Dr. Zahir's interest in endoscopics began out of a desire to find less invasive ways of treating common spinal problems.  Endoscopic spine surgery is the least invasive surgical treatment for spinal stenosis and lumbar disc herniations.


Dr. Zahir is the first surgeon in the DMV region to use the Joimax®  iLESSYS®/iLESSYS® Delta endoscopic spine system  for the treatment of lumbar stenosis. 


Dr. Zahir was previously Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital for five years (2012-2017) before joining HCA Virginia Physicians (2017-2019). In 2019, he entered into private practice. His current practice is dedicated to the advancement of endoscopic spine surgery in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

As a regional expert on endoscopics, Dr. Zahir is often asked to provide second opinions for patients undergoing traditional spinal surgery. He is in-network with most insurance plans. ​ 

Dr. Zahir's practice philosophy centers on patient education. He takes pride in promoting a patient centered approach in treatment.  

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